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Royal Figures only partners with likeminded brands we trust to meet our highest standards. Brands such as NFP Gear, K's Clean Eats, EvoFit Suits by B. and Strength Unit embody the dedication to a healthy & happy lifestyle earned through hard work in and out of the gym. 

Our partnerships have allowed our Royal Figures' clientele to take advantage of our partners' outstanding products at a discounted price. Learn more about these brands below and don't forget to use our promo codes when you shop!

MKE Muscle Milwaukee-area Gym

Royal Figures has a home gym in Wisconsin... and MKE Muscle is IT! We could not be more excited to partner with a gym and owners who are excited to bring COMMUNITY back into fitness. Royal Figures athletes get 1 week free when they sign up as members and will enjoy benefits such as extended hours for team workouts and personal training availability. 

Royal Figures offers personal training services through THIS facility only, and we want you to be a part of it.

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Tissue Specialist

Royal Figures clients and athletes get special rates for The Tissue Specialist! 

We know your coaches ask you to train with royal intensity, so it only makes sense to partner with the best recovery specialist that we know. See rates below and check out his website to book now: 

Royal Figures Special Rates: $70 for 60 minutes, $85 for 90 minutes (yay!)

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EvoFit Suits by B Competition Suits, Bikini and Figure

Royal Figures Nutrition & Training has partnered with EvoFit Suits by B.

Each EvoFit suit is hand made with top quality materials, and using ONLY genuine Swarovski® crystals! 
EvoFit Suits by B offers both custom and ready-made suits! Our ready-made suits are all available for rent or purchase for your convenience!

Wanting your suit to be custom? Work with B. to get your dream suit! You work so hard to bring your best physique to the stage, so complete your look with a suit that is perfect for your personality and physique!

We will have discount codes available for the public and existing clients coming soon.


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NFP Supplements

NFP Gear was built on a foundation of excellence, quality and integrity. As a result you can be assured that NFP Supplements contain only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers. We have expended a great deal of time and resources to enlist a high level of expertise to the development, research and testing of our revolutionary line of dietary sports supplements. These products have been tested and re-tested to provide maximum effectiveness and unbeatable flavor.

Enjoy 10% off a one time purchase on all NFP Gear supplements by clicking the code button below, or for our coaching clients, enjoy 15% of ALL purchases while on an active coaching plan.  Simply add your products of choice to cart and include it with your purchase of your coaching plan.

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Strength Unit

Strength Unit aims to embrace old school training principles and create a brand full of hard working athletes, not just inside the gym, but in the real world as well. Shop their wide range of high-quality training & casual wear tee's, hoodies and sweatshirts with the code shown below:

Use Code Hailey15

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From industry mainstays to starter brands, Royal Figures takes pride in forging relationships in the fitness & nutrition world we love. This allows us to direct our clients towards products & facilities that can truly help them reach their goals. Have what it takes? Contact us today so we can see if we’ll could be a good match!

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