07/03/2023 Hailey Schim

Why Focus on Your Feet?

Royal Figures' exercise specialist Hailey Schim breaks down why foot strengthening, stretching, and widening is an import consideration for your wellness goals. 

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01/11/2023 Hailey

Is Stretching Overrated?

Worried about strength training making you muscle bound? Are you feeling overwhelmed with finding time in your routine to stretch? Hailey explains why that might not be necessary using the latest research. 

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12/14/2022 Sam Turk

Is The Whole Really Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts?

Which is better for you, compound movements or isolation movements? Is it better to work the body as a whole, or to focus on specific muscle groups?

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11/30/2022 Hailey Schim

Exercising as a Confidence Boost?

When participating in exercise it makes you feel good both physically and mentally. Why wouldn't we consistently show up for workouts if it did not make us feel good? Hailey explores this topic a little deeper to help understand this mental aspect of physical activity. 

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11/15/2022 Julie Shoemaker

One Thing You NEED To Give Up To Reach Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals

Dietitian Julie explains the one thing you NEED to give up in order to reach your goals... 

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11/09/2022 Hailey

Supplements I Think Everyone Should Take

Our owner and lead Registered Dietitian Hailey explains WHY she recommends for EVERYONE to be on 3 key supplements, some honorable mentions, and where to get them from the brands she trusts.  

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10/20/2022 Sam Turk

How to Make Gains in the Gym

If you have been hitting the gym for any length of time, you have likely at least heard of the term “Progressive Overload”, but you may or may not know what it means or how to use it in your own training. Progressive Overload is the number one ingredient to making great progress in the gym (and even outside the gym). So regardless if this is your first time ever seeing the term, or if you’re a seasoned professional, let’s take a look at what Progressive Overload really is and how you can use it to make the best progress possible. 


So what does Progressive Overload mean?

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09/29/2022 Jennifer Skemp

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Mental Health Specialist, Jen, shares insight on seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

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09/14/2022 Hailey Schim

Identifying and Overcoming Common Barriers to Exercise

It has been engrained in our minds that there are many benefits of participating in regular physical activity. For some, this may be harder to accomplish due to running into a barrier that is keeping us from maintaining a consistent routine and relationship with exercise. In this post we will discuss the most common barriers and addressing strategies you can use to overcome them.


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08/24/2022 Sam Turk

Just Stretching Isn't Enough...

Why do you stretch?  To prevent soreness and stiffness?  When most people stretch, they will stretch for a few minutes, feel a little better, and call it a day. Is some better than none at all?


 It turns out stretching on its own is NOT always a great tool for lengthening muscles and alleviating tension. Here is how to get the MOST out of a stretching routine:


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08/15/2022 Julie Shoemaker

Coaching... An Investment? Or Expense?

Considering taking on the expense of a nutrition coach? Feel like it might not be in the budget? Here is Julie's take on why it is important to rewire the thought process of nutrition coaching as an "expense" and look into it as an investment! 

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11/24/2021 RF Nutrition Coaches

How To: Holiday Eating Edition

Ahh... holidays while following a nutrition plan. Most associate the holiday season with indulgence that is all "fair game!" What recommendations do our nutrition coaches/Registered Dietitians have for approaching holiday eating? Read more in our How To: Holiday Eating Edition 

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09/14/2021 Sam Turk

Training After an Injury?

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06/10/2021 Sam Turk

Setting "SMART" Goals

Why Is It So Important to Have “Good” Goals and How Should You Set Them?

Lead Kinesiology Specialist for Royal Figures, Sam Turk, explains why using "SMART" goals to structure your fitness journey can lead to better results. 

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02/22/2021 Sam Turk - CPT

What I Wish More People Knew About Exercise

As the exercise specialist for Royal Figures... what do I wish more people knew about exercising?


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02/15/2021 Coach Amanda

Strength Training vs. Aesthetic Training?

We have a variety of clients; all who have different motivations for their training. To look good? To feel good? To move better? All can be accomplished with a comprehensive plan.. but when it comes to training for STRENGTH versus training for AESTHETICS... What is the difference? Is there one?

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01/28/2021 Sam Turk - CPT

Exercise and The Immune System

A HUGELY hot topic of 2020, and again, in 2021!

This week, our Exercise Science expert, Sam, explains the current research between the benefits of exercise on the immune system.

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12/31/2020 Royal Figures Team

Welcome to Royal Figures

New year, new website! The Royal Figures team is proud to welcome you to our new website as we enter 2021. 

Our new website will allow us to increase our ability to get you the best nutrition and fitness coaching around! Check out our nutrition coaching plans, personal training & workout programming packages to get started on your journey to a healthier, stronger body. 

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