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What does Royal Figures Offer?

You came to the right place to unlock whatever has been holding you back from achieving your fitness goals! We only employ practitioners with a strong educational background in their field. We offer nutrition coaching, workout programming that is either personalized or prewritten and available for download, mental health counseling, personal training, resources such as our recipe book, and fun add-ons such as apparel.

Is coaching appropriate for disease states, youth athletes, or pregnancy?

Yes, yes, and yes! Our coaches are specifically qualified to help clients in any disease state (including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, PCOS, cancer, post surgery, and more). Our coaches have experience working with women during pregnancy to optimize health of the mother and child. Julie offers fertility coaching packages for those who want to work on optimizing their chances of conceiving with proper nutrition! And; any youth athletes can schedule nutrition counseling sessions to determine the best course of action for handling their care.

What does it mean to work with a Royal Figures coach?

Hiring a Royal Figures means much more than the health and fitness goals that we guarantee you will achieve... You are hiring accountability, you are hiring someone who’s biggest motivation is to see you succeed, you are hiring a team that truy believes in you, and will not stutter when explaining what is expected of you on this journey. You are hiring your biggest fan, and I am so excited to get to work.


Why is Education so important in this field?

As you have probably noticed... formal education is a common theme across Royal Figures Nutrition and Training. If you visit the bios of each Royal Figures coach or trainer, you will notice that both formal education and experience were a prerequisite to taking on a position as YOUR coach or trainer.

Specifically, owner and lead Nutrition Coach/Personal Trainer, Hailey Schim (Hailey Wegner), boasts a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Masters of Science in Nutrition and Physical Performance from Saint Louis University, an accredited Dietetic Internship from Saint Louis University, and will be a fully licensed Registered Dietitian

The differences in education among those who offer nutrition or training advice can be confusing! In the digital age, it seems that EVERYONE is offering nutrition coaching, personal training, or workout programming.

Royal Figures leaders understand that it is not only your GOALS in our hands... but your health. In order to ensure we are providing you with the best practices and QUALITY advice; we invested in our education. We would not advise you to invest in a nutrition coach or personal trainer who has not done the same.

Why did you start Royal Figures Nutrition and Training?

Honestly, I just want to help people. Nutrition and fitness is a fundamental to our health; yet I see people doing it wrong EVERY day. I also see dietitians and exercise professionals accept positions where they are not valued for the value that they can truly bring to the world. My mission with Royal Figures is to continue to change lives and inspire consumers AND practitioners. There are those who need a helping hand in accessing whatever has held them back from achieving their goals... and I want to connect them with someone who knows exactly how to apply the science to get them there.

What does it mean to be part of “Team Royal Figures?”

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” –Henry Ford

We know that our fitness journey is incredibly individual, and for that reason every single nutrition plan and workout program we send out is personalized to best fit your personal goals, needs, and desires. However; we also believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its part. In working with our team, you are becoming a part of a unique network of people with similar goals, similar motivations, and a whole lot of support. We connect our team across our private social media accounts, team events, and more. So NOT ONLY do you get the support of your coaches, you will be a part of a team who is ready and willing to push each other to greatness (and have a bit of fun, too).

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! Beyond any seasonal specials; we offer student-discounts or pay-in-full discounts. Contact us if this applies to you!

I completed my goal... now what?

We are SO happy that you decided to hire a Royal Figures coach or trainer to complete a specific goal. After you have reached that goal... there are a few options.

If your goal has changed, evolved, or completion of this first goal led to a second goal... you can ALWAYS decide to continue working with your current coach or another Royal Figures leader.

However, it is our biggest objective to TEACH our clients and athletes, so they feel empowered to make their own nutrition and training decisions after our relationship has ended.

If you are in a position where you are currently being coached but believe that you have graduated into being able to monitor/maintain your progress on your own – just let us know. We will help you transition from your current programming to exactly what will be most sustainable for you, long term.

Nutrition Coaching

What is “nutrition training”?

Different from following a “diet” or “program,” I specialize in nutrition coaching. Instead of giving you a program and sending you on your way, you will be communicating with me and I will be adjusting your meal plan as frequently or infrequently as is required. Instead of changing your life to fit the parameters of a program, I will consider your current lifestyle and any limitations so we can make your nutrition fit the parameters of your life. Since I have the education to back up my decisions – we will be able to adjust as life happens and make sure you create life-long progress.

What is the difference between the three Nutrition Training price points?

Our coaching plans differ in the type of workout programming included.

Our Custom Nutrition Coaching plan includes 1 customized workout program per client; and additional workout programs can be purchased as needed.

Our Custom Nutrition + Workout Subscription plan includes 1 customized workout program per client, plus free access to our downloadable #MurderByRoyalFigures workouts (previously known as #MurderByHailey) which are updated monthly. Any additional customized workouts would have to be purchased separately.

Our Full Coaching (Nutrition + Customized Workout Programming) plan is the best offer; as your workout program will be continuously changing as you progress. There will be no need for outside purchases, and every part of your fitness journey will be personalized to you and your goals.

What if I only want nutrition?

No problem! We offer nutrition-only programming here.

Are coaches/trainers assigned? Or do I get to choose?

You ALWAYS have the power to choose which coach or trainer you want to work with. We do offer information on which coach/trainer is best suited for each type of goal; but we believe that the coach/client “fit” is often more important.

What if I want to switch coaches or trainers?

No biggie! If you start to believe that there may be another coach or trainer on the team who better aligns with your goals, just let us know.

I have a very specific goal... is there a coach or trainer who is best to meet my needs?

Every coach and trainer at Royal Figures Nutrition and Training is apt to help you meet your fitness/wellness goal, and we believe the coach/client “fit” to be the most important factor in coach/client success. HOWEVER, we do classify ourselves as specialists in the following areas:

Hailey: Athletes or clients with physique goals, bodybuilding clients, specific nutrition needs (postpartum, disordered eating, medical diagnoses)

Sam: EXERCISE SCIENCE SPECIALIST, functional fitness, general wellness, and physique goals


If I choose one coach for nutrition coaching, can I work with another trainer for workout programming?

Yes! You will be given the option at checkout to choose your preferred nutrition coach and your preferred coach for workout programming. (You will only see the coaches that specialize in each service as options).

Do you offer Posing Coaching?

Hailey takes posing clients only on an as-needed basis. contact us here to schedule your posing session.

I’m not in the market to hire a coach but I have nutrition related concerns... what do you offer?

Nutrition Counseling is Royal Figures Nutrition and Training’s newest service. Sign up for a 30 or 60-minute zoom call session with Hailey here; where you can discuss the topic or question of your choice. You and Hailey will work together on how often you should follow up and when to schedule your next session.

What is the difference between nutrition coaching and nutrition counseling?

Nutrition coachingis best reserved for people who are looking for complete programming of their nutrition/training needs. This is for lifestyle clients and competitive clients, alike. Nutrition counseling sessions are best for those who don’t believe they are the right fit for coaching, have specific questions that can be covered in 30-60 minutes, or for our youth athletes.

Nutrition counseling is also offered as part of Julie’s Fertility Packages.

Workouts/Personal Training

What is “workout programming"?

Workout programming is writing out workouts for you to do on your own time. When one of the Royal Figures coaches writes your workout program, we do it as a reflection of your progress pictures and goals. This ensures that even when you are not with us in the gym, every single training session is deliberate, intentional, and made specifically for you. Our coaches are trained to write around injuries, impingements, or any other medical limitations. Your workouts will be written around the gym equipment you have access to, and the days per week/hours per day you are able to commit to the gym.

What if I only want workouts?

For workout programming, we have a few options:

1) Murder by Royal Figures – originally known as “Murder by Hailey” is a monthly workout drop written by Hailey or another Royal Figures leader. You can download HERE and come back as often as 1x per month for a completely new set.

2) Personalized workout programming – choose to work with Hailey or Sam.

3) Prewritten Trainer Drops – every now and again, one of our trainers writes a workout SO GOOD that we leave it here, forever.


Can you bundle personal training with coaching?

Yes! Personal Training and Coaching can be bundled into a pay-in-full discount. Contact us if you believe this applies to you!

Full Coaching and Add-Ons

What is included in Full Coaching?

See our “Full coaching” page for details. Do note that Full Coaching does not include corrective exercise programming with Sam, and if you are currently in Full Coaching and want corrective exercise programming to be included, you would have to purchase the upgrade.

What’s the difference between Full Coaching and Full Coaching + Corrective Movement?

While Full Coaching already includes a fully customized workout and exercise plan, the weekly check-ins are largely nutrition-based and will only include workout updates as needed. Adding the corrective coaching will include detailed weekly check-ins, and closer monitoring of your movements in the gym with our exercise specialist, Sam. This is best for those with highly specific performance-based goals, or those requiring or wanting special attention for corrective programming.

What is corrective movement?

Corrective Movement is any movement that has the result of fixing muscular imbalances. This can and should include mobility work, foam rolling and stretching, but also SPECIFIC strength exercises that help you re-learn movement patterns that will make your physique balanced

Why is corrective movement important?

Imbalances in strength and muscle length/tightness can change movement patterns and restrict range of motion both in and out of the gym. These issues will set you up for injury that can set you back or will cause you to train in a way that promotes an asymmetrical physique

Who needs corrective movement programming?

The short answer, everybody! It is inevitable that in our lives, we all will develop imbalances and tightness in overworked muscles to some degree. 

That being said, indications that you should utilize corrective movement as soon as possible are: nagging aches or pains on certain movements, when certain movements just feel “off” no matter what, noticeable differences between the right and left side of the body, or limitations in range of motion that are noticeable in and/or out of the gym. 

How can I upgrade to include Workout Programming with Sam in my coaching?

To upgrade your package to include customized corrective movement and mobility routines, visit the “Sam Workout Programming Upgrade” option under the “training” section of our website. You can keep this add-on as long as you would like and return to your regular package whenever you and your coach agree that it is no longer needed. 


Have questions? We have answers! Our team has compiled a list of questions often asked our clients of all levels. Take a look for information regarding our personal training, workout programs & nutrition coaching! 

If you can't find the answer you're looking for don't hesitate to contact us today for further information.

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