Be Held accountable with Zoom conference call sessions

Hey y’all! I am SO excited to finally be offering zoom conference call sessions; or what I will be calling: Nutrition Counseling sessions.

How it works

Through my first few weeks of launching; I determined this would also be an appropriate way to schedule:

Sessions are scheduled on a first-come first serve basis in 30 minute or 60 minute increments. You must purchase your session time to schedule. All nutrition counseling sessions will be followed up with your “After-Visit Summary” sent to you via email. We will determine how often you should follow-up with sessions and if you should schedule a 30 or 60 minute slots for follow-ups depending on your particular concern and how you are progressing.

What to expect after you schedule

Once you schedule, you will be sent a questionnaire so your coach is up-to-date on the concept you will be addressing. The questionnaire should be fully completed for your initial session, and sent to her at least 24 hours before your appointment. For follow up visits,  you will only fill out the “follow up” portion, and still send it 24 hours before your appointment so your coach can read up on the progress you have made since last session, and if any further questions/issues have surfaced.

Nutrition Coaches:

Hailey Wegner: Professional Body Builder and Nutritionist


Hailey Wegner is owner of Royal Figures Nutrition and Training; and after 6 years of formal education, she is considered a TRUE nutrition professional as a Registered Dietitian. Hailey has dedicated herself to 8+ years of experience as a nutrition coach and certified personal trainer. Her success with clients can be partly credited to her licensure, Bachelors in Dietetics and Masters in Nutrition and Physical Performance. Hailey takes lifestyle and competitive bodybuilding/athletic clients.

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Betty Guerrero Nutrition Coach, RD2Be

Betty is a molecular cell biologist, trainer, and soon-to-be dietitian, originally from Puerto Rico. Now living in Madison, WI and with 9+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry, she works with both competitive and lifestyle clients; delivering results with health at the forefront. She is fully bi-lingual in Spanish & English and fluent in Portuguese.

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Julie Shoemaker Nutrition Coach, Registered Dietitian

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at Western Illinois University and my Master’s degree in Medical Dietetics at Saint Louis University. I decided to take my schooling “all the way” to become a Registered Dietitian because I truly believe dietitians to be extremely under-utilized in our society! My deepest passion is applying an individualized and evidence-based approach to help clients who have the desire to improve their health. I can’t wait to help you do the same!

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