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The Royal Figures team has helped countless individuals test their limits and reach their goals! Read about our client's past successes with both our fitness and nutrition training programs:

I have worked with Hailey for 2 seasons now and she continues to impress and challenge me. She is detail oriented, motivating, passionate, knowledgeable, and honest. She is more than just my coach but a friend. I value her opinions and outlooks. She takes into account my mind, stress management, and well being on top of diet, water, supplements, and exercise. I am so lucky to have found her. She has literally changed my life. Above all else, Hailey continues to empower and inspire people daily. She is a gem and one of kind.

- Dana

Over the past year, I’ve had a number of fitness coaches. None of whom worked for me and my lifestyle. I had been following Hailey on Instagram and I knew from her honesty, passion, and kick butt energy that she was exactly what I needed in a coach. She took me in as soon as I contacted her. Over the past 9 weeks, I’ve been challenged with the exercises and impressed with the meal plans Hailey has come up with. I trust her completely with my fitness goals and I’m seeing impressive results in just 2 months! Hailey is very attentive and responsive to her clients….because she loves us!!

- Jessica

I highly recommend Hailey and Royal Figures to anyone wanting to better themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.. I feel like a brand new woman! She’s more than just a fitness coach to me it’s like a life coach and I’m forever indebted to her for helping me the way she has!!!!

- Renee

Top notch personal training and nutrition planning whether you are a bodybuilder or on a personal fitness journey. Highly recommend Hailey!

- Gail C

Hailey has been the best to work with! They keep you accountable and push you to meet your goals. Plus they provide killer workouts to help you kill it at your own gym if you cant train with them. I've learned how much harder I can push myself in the gym since training with Hailey. I have been able to bring my best physique to stage this year and they have me in a good spot during my off season to bring an even better physique to stage in 2020!

- Megan J

I can’t speak enough about Hailey. She took me in without question. She was eager. excited. passionate. and poured herself into me and my goals; because truthfully I didn’t really know what they were. Hailey gave me TOOLS to succeed and I complied. I was able to feed off of her critiques as she guided me toward a life I never knew was possible. I worked with Hailey through my entire prep as well as in my off season currently. As if I didn’t already have a world of respect for Hailey, prep made that even more clear; my personality reflects that of “keeping to myself”. Naturally I tend to be more reserved and keep my head down. I come from a family of athletes so if I was going to complain, I might as well quit. Unfortunately I take that too far at times and ignore things that maybe need to be discussed. Without hesitation, Hailey would randomly text me saying “I woke up and felt like I NEEDED to reach out to you this morning, talk to me. tell me how you are”. These things became regular at the most perfect of times. It’s like she knew, before I even knew. Hailey was, and will be, the key to every single achievement I overcome. This is so much more than a coach and a client; this is a lifetime of guidance. direction. trust. and success. Please reach out to her if you have any questions. You’ll feel that ray of sunshine from the very moment you contact her. I couldn’t imagine who i’d be without her and her support. “Thank you” won’t ever cover it, but i’ll bust my ass everyday to make sure she knows how valued she is.

- Brooke O

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda from May 2020 to November 2020. She was highly recommended by my personal trainer who also was also a client of hers. She did not disappoint, she was thorough with helping me understand the needs and importance of nutrition that I tried to add to my already changing Lifestyle. She monitored everything very closely and also prepared me to celebrate my daughters 21st birthday in a way most celebrate. I was never disappointed, never left wondering and always made aware of what I need to do as well as what I need to change to achieve my goals. I will be returning at the beginning of the year as I start my next phase in my lifestyle adjustment. I have told everyone who has asked “How did you do it?” I explained that she was the key to my success and now my turn to highly recommend her.

- Dan G

Working with Amanda was such a great experience! She showed me what exercises worked for me and how to do them correctly. She made working out fun and rewarding. She helped me with my meal plan and guided me to stay motivated and on track. Each week I would take progress pics & I could see the difference! Not only did I see a difference working with Amanda I felt 100% better mentally & physically.

- Brianna T

I have been working with Hailey since 2017. I started with her as my prep coach for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. Hailey has gone above and beyond for me during these last few years. She has provided guidance, support, and most importantly knowledge! I have learned so much with Hailey as my coach and mentor. I now have her as my lifestyle coach as I no longer compete. I couldn’t ask for a better person to have in my corner throughout this journey. I would recommend Hailey over and over and over again.

- Taylor V

I started with Hailey about a year and a half ago. I was very nervous to meet her for the first time at Badger State 2019 and when I say she is the sweetest lady ever I mean it. She's extremely uplifting and motivating as a coach not to mention the credentials she holds. Her credentials blow most coaches or trainers out of the water. Her workouts will have you sore for days and her knowledge on nutrition is amazing! To find someone else who has this degree of nutritional knowledge is slim. In addition making her athletes feel comfortable with their choice of choosing her as a coach, she's turned my fitness journey around. She makes me want to do better as an athlete not only for myself, but to make her proud as well.

- Miranda B

When I first started this process I was 200 Lbs, even though I'm 6 feet tall you could still see how heavy I was. I even had strangers on the street say I looked 9 months pregnant. I was very scared to workout because of my physical disability. I tried trainers in the past but I would only get a month in then give up, due to no results. I thought that once I started working out I would be healthy and fit fast. As I learned from Hailey, it takes time and emotions that you may not want to feel, but when you do, you will see great results. There have been many ups and downs, and meal plans work wonders. I never thought that knowing what to eat plus working out has changed my life. I am living healthily and happily

- Paige G

I’ve only been a part of Royal Figures & working with Hailey for 6 weeks now, but in those 6 weeks I have never felt more alive and in tune with my health & fitness. Hailey has truly pushed me to be the best version of myself within these last 6 weeks, that it makes me SO much more excited for what’s to come in the future. In just my first 4 weeks I made AMAZING progress even while getting sick during that time. I am so thankful for my coach and this company. Their dedication & passion really shines through each and every week. I am achieving things I never thought would be possible, and I’m just getting started. Thank you Hailey. Thank you Royal Figures. 💜

- Danielle D

Hailey is one of the kindest and most positive people I know on the planet! Even when you’ve lost all hope in yourself, she will never stop believing in you. She puts a whole new meaning to the term “coach”. She does more than just help you achieve your goals - she educates you, pushes you to give your best and then some, she challenges you, and she inspires you. She will tell you when something is going to be hard to achieve but she will be there encouraging you every step of the way! Not to mention she’s a total badass! I love my coach ❤️❤️❤️ Plus her dog is pretty cute.

- Bre B

Hailey is the absolute BEST! I struggled for a long time on knowing what to eat to fuel my body and how to properly train. I saw results within a week of changing my diet and training. Not only is she so amazing at what she does in the sense of workout plans and meal plans she has the kindest and most understanding soul ever. She WANTS you to succeed and pushes you to be a better you each day. I could not ask for a better coach and someone to turn to.

- Sydney R

Working with Amanda was such a great experience! She showed me what exercises worked for me and how to do them correctly. She made working out fun and rewarding. She helped me with my meal plan and guided me to stay motivated and on track. Each week I would take progress pics & I could see the difference! Not only did I see a difference working with Amanda I felt 100% better mentally & physically.

- Bri T

I started with Hailey with no knowledge of lifting, fitness, or nutrition. My philosophy prior to joining the team was: eat less + more cardio = "healthy". Since coaching with Hailey she has guided me to a whole new philosophy. I am currently eating more than I ever have, lifting heavy ass weight, and doing ZERO cardio AND I look better than I ever have! As I started my fitness journey, Hailey was there every step of the way answering any question I had. She has guided me to a whole new level of confidence, she has pushed me to grow physically and mentally. Hailey serves not only as a coach but as a friend, mentor, and role model. I am so grateful for her and the community she has built with the other amazing coaches. As a team we are unstoppable. #wearejustgettingstarted

- Shanie S

I started working with Hailey about two years ago just to get my diet better, lose weight and feel more confident. Let me tell you, she achieved that by week 6 and even more by week 14. I was originally an oly lifter and needed a change and knew Hailey was the person to go to. I trust her and her Royals team with everything! I got hooked (& my competitive nature kicked) where I decided to compete in a bodybuilding show. I was never pushed into it and it was never brought up. It was all my choice, which I feel like other coaches would do if you just wanted to be a lifestyle client. You can tell her and her team truly care about you as a person and not just as a client. I started prepping for my show in January 2020 and, of course, thank to COVID my first and second show got canceled. Hailey was there for emotional and mental support the whole way!!! Luckily, the third show happened. And it was by far worth the hard work and wait. But I would not have kept with prep during the pandemic if it weren't for Hailey. I would not have competed if I had another coach. I trust SOOOO much and know she knows her stuff. It's so obvious!!!! You can tell how dedicated and passionate she is. That is something I look for in a coach, especially when it comes to your health and wellness. Throughout our journey, not only did I see my figure look better and my fitness/strength level increase, but I saw my confidence grow back. I liked what I saw in the mirror again. This is all thanks to Hailey and her team.

So, if you're wondering if you should do this, stop wondering and just do it! Lifestyle or competitive, you're in great hands. They will push you but it's only because they see the potential in you and it's so worth it!! I am blessed to have her as my coach and be part of the Royals fam.

- Meredith K

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